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  • We would like to keep players safe by setting the rules which prevent players from doing inappropriate or annoying things. Everyone in the community should feel happy and safe to play!
  • Every rule bypassing punishment is held different from each other and gets worse with each similar offense. So please respect the rules, players, and staff.

1. No Negative Behavior in Chat

1. No Discrimination & Racism

Unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex is not allowed on the network.

2. No Harassment

Behavior that demeans, humiliates or embarrasses others is not allowed on the network. This includes sexual messages of any sort.

3. No Spamming

Spamming or flooding on our network’s chats is disrespectful to the other players. You are also not allowed to spam someone’s private messaging too.

4. No Swearing

Swearing is saying words that are considered to be offensive or rude in society. Bypassing the content filter is also punishable in this case. Do not forget to take screenshots for proof.

5. No Threats of Any Kind

You are not allowed to send any kind of threats such as threats of hacking the game, leaking someone’s personal information, DDoS-ing the server/network or threats of harming someone’s in-game buildings and items.

6. No Trolling

Trolling doesn’t benefit anyone. You cannot try to confuse or trick other players, spoil any server mystery reward, giveaway, or scavenger hunt. You cannot purposely try to get yourself kicked or banned.

2. No Cheating

1. No Exploiting

Exploiting is not tolerated in this server as it gives you an unfair advantage. If you do find an exploit, please report it to the staff.

2. No Hacking

Hacking using a hacked client or any other method is not allowed as it can give you an unfair advantage.

3. No Teaming

Teaming in games (where is not allowed) is forbidden as it breaks the fun experience for others by making gameplay not how it should be.


3. No Advertising & Scamming


1. No Advertising of Any Kind

Advertising domain or IP address of server/network (like mc.example.net or or invite link to different server, mentioning the name of other server/network, sending a link to a website which is not hexilion.net, sending a link to a social media account profile or sending YouTube video/Twitch stream links is not allowed on the network.

2. No Leaking Personal Information

Leaking other players’ personal information like their real name, age, etc. without their permission is not allowed on the Network.

3. No Scamming

Illegal plans for making money, obtaining items, etc, especially ones that involve tricking people is not allowed on the network.

4. No Inappropriate Actions & Possessions


1. No Bad Usernames/Nicknames

Racist, NSFW or offensive in-game names/nicknames are not allowed on the network

2. No Inappropriate Buildings

Building something racist, NSFW or offensive is not allowed on the network.

3. No Inappropriate Skins/Capes

NSFW, racist or offensive skins/capes are not allowed on the network.

4. No Promotions of Bad Things

Promoting bad behavior like terrorism, pedophilia, etc. is forbidden on this network.


Document Version: 1.4.0B

Document code: HNRULE140B

Last updated: 24-01-2020

Written by: Hexilion Network Owner & Administrator -

Tauras Giedraitis (Hexillion*); Administrator & Quality Assurer - BlueDiam0nds*; Administrator & Quality Assurer - HollyPhoenixEA*

*Nickname/Minecraft Username