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i am just doing my job


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11 days ago
jami2909 introduction

hi my name is jami you can call me jamie. i am from finland and i am 14 years old. i was born 29.9.2004.
i like making music, 3d models and coding and i like snowboarding, basketball, football, ping pong, running and playing vr games. i am usually active not in chat and i like talking to other players and helping them. i like
electronic, rap, hardstyle, rock, edm, house, futere house, dupstep, hip hop, hardcore, Bouncy House, Bouncy Techno, Breakcore, Digital Hardcore, Doomcore, Dubstyle, Gabber, Happy Hardcore, Jumpstyle, Makina, Speedcore, Terrorcore, Uk Hardcore, Electroswing, Trance, Tech Trance, Hard Trance, Acid Techno, Detroit Techno, Free Tekno, Ghettotech, Minimal, Technopop and much more. i like girls and i am not a (pervert) and i have socks on most of the time. i like eating foods and candy. i have teamspeak but dont know how to use it, i have skype old and new i know how to use them both and i have discord and i know how to use it. i use fl studio to make music and i use visual studio to code most stuff. i like playing minecraft, roblox (idk why i am even playing that game still), gta v (but banned), fivem (not banned), i use microsoft edge for watching anime and hent**, i have always strong password on every account, i like playing vrchat and other vr games, i usually dont play creativerse and trove but i am really good at those games, i love cake from portal 2 because its tasty and because its big and chunky (not copyrighted), i like playing in hexilion because everyone is one but dont demote me again oki and there are lots of friends even if i dont have them added on discord and i dont know them, i have samsung galaxy s7 edge (not a bomb), i use vive for playing vr games and its fun but there is some bugs, i have small subwoofer for some quality bass and thx made it, i have glass table what i dont clean up because idk(i dont have time and i dont remember it), i have 3 computers on my home for something, i have a normal 50mbs connection(i have been ddossed many times by philippines), i have lots of axe sprays(they smell good) and i dont like lying at all because no one is going to believe you if you do it too much, i dont like anyone pinging me always. and you can dm jami2909#4322 if you have something interesting talk about or you need help.

Thanks for reading my introductions.