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Helper Application Requirements

Helper Application Requirements

 This thread will explain to you all the requirements which you have to meet in order to apply and hold a Helper position on Hexilion Network. If you want to apply you should go to this thread.

Helper application writing format, writing guide, FAQ, etc. posts are made by Application Team which currently consists of SrokaGaming, SqdPug, and Cuddlecrepper8.

1. You have to be at least 14 years old.

You must be at least 14 as regarding our experience we believe that at this age applicants tend to have more life experience and are more emotionally ready to handle the duties of a Helper position.

2. You need to have at least ELITE rank on the network.

You need to have a rank on the network in order to have perks on network that will help you when doing your duties as a staff member like fly - to get to places of a map easier, and we are not putting those perks on the Helper in order to avoid people becoming a Helper just to gain these perks for free.

3. You must know English fluently.

We want our staff to be professional so they have to speak out accordance with all rules i. e. grammar, for example, so every person who understands English at least a little could understand and so others would see a good example, of how to talk correctly.

4. You can’t be a staff member on any other server/network.

You can’t be staff on any other server/network because it is a conflict of interest to be committed to two or more different servers/networks, and we have found that those Helpers, who are staff on multiple servers, aren’t able to fully commit themselves to the Helper rank.

5. You must have played on the server for at least a month.

You can’t be staff if you’re new or not on the server for long enough to understand how the server actually works. And you also need to get used to the environment and people who play on the server.

6. You must have not been punished for the last 2 months.

We do not accept people who have been punished within 2 months as we believe, that those who bypassed a rule in this period of time haven’t changed to good yet.

7. Rules and server terms must be well-known to you.

You have to know rules and terms very well in order to be able to provide help and support for others much faster.

8. You must have a clear reputation on the server.

We are not accepting those who have a bad reputation on the network like are well-known for griefing, hacking or toxicity as it’s unprofessional and it creates a bad environment for others and makes staff team look bad.

9. You mustn’t have inappropriate nick, skin, and cape.

Having an inappropriate nick, skin or cape is unprofessional when being a staff member as because you will have a Helper rank which is noticeable by players and they look at you as a role model.

10. You must have access to Discord.

Access to Discord is a must as you will need to be able to communicate other staff members, take part in staff meetings, be able to go through training, and it’s also a way to keep up to date about what's happening on the network.


6 months ago
Helper Application Frequently Asked Questions

Helper Application Frequently Asked Questions

 In this thread, you might find an answer to your question that you have related to Helper Application. Please read through all FAQ before you ask a staff member if you still don’t find an answer. 

Helper application writing format, writing guide, FAQ, etc. posts are made by Application Team which currently consists of SrokaGaming, SqdPug, and Cuddlecrepper8.

1. Q: How can I apply for Helper?

A: If you would like to apply for the Helper position on Hexilion Network, you must check this thread.

2. Q: What are the requirements to be able to apply and become Helper?

A: You can find out about requirements in this thread.

3. Q: I applied for Helper, but no one reviewed.

A: If you didn’t receive a response, just wait for it a little longer as it can take up to weeks for the application to be reviewed as we are receiving many applications.

4. Q: If I apply and get denied, when can I reapply?

A: Generally, you can reapply after 1 month, but please be sure to put much more effort into your next application and/or make sure you meet all the requirements if you haven’t met previous time.

5. Q: Do I have to associate my Minecraft account with forums before applying?

A: Yes, it’s a must thing because then we would know that it’s really you, and it helps us to get additional information that you might haven’t listed in your application.

6. Q: Can I be staff on just one more server/network?

A: No, you cannot. Staff must fully commit themselves to the Helper role. We want staffing to be an enjoyable experience for our Helpers and being dedicated to multiple servers often don’t have enough time.

7. Q: Can I still apply, when I have not got a microphone?

A: No, you cannot apply without a microphone as it is needed for training, sometimes help players who want to get support using voice and to communicate with other staff members.

8. Q: Can I write my application in a language other than English?

A: No, we will accept only applications in the English language as it’s the language every staff manager could understand and it’s a language that you must use when doing your duties as a Helper. Every application written in a different language would be automatically denied.

9. Q: How do I know if I was accepted/denied?

A: After your application was reviewed, information about it will be posted by a staff manager under your application post. We will deny your application if you have asked the staff about it.

10. Q: I made a mistake on my application. What should I do?

A: Before sending the application always please check the what you have written. But before your application have been reviewed you can always edit it.

11. Q: I applied for Helper again but I never knew I have to wait one month after applying again… What do I do?

A: If it ever happens to you and you find out about that you must wait at least a month before someone reviews your application, please delete it immediately! But if it happens that staff reviewed it before you have noticed, then 1 month period of aren’t able to re-apply resets.

12. Q: Where can I apply for Moderator?

A: To become a moderator you have to be promoted. First, you have to apply for Helper. If you would be very professional and active as a Helper, staff managers may decide to promote you. This also applies to become an Admin.

13. Q: I got punished previously. Can I still apply for Helper?

A: You can apply again after 2 months from your punishment expiration time.

14. Q: Who decides whether an application gets accepted or denied?

A: One of the staff managers would decide if your application will be accepted or denied.

15. Q: Can I be staff just on one platform (Forum, Discord, Minecraft server, etc.)?

A: No, you cannot. If you want to apply for the Helper position, you will have to be active on the whole network.



6 months ago
Helper Application Writing Format

Helper Application Writing Format 


This thread will explain to you how to properly apply for Helper in forums. If you have questions, you should look at this thread first before you ask a staff member, and if you’d like to see the requirements you should look at this thread.


Helper application writing format, writing guide, FAQ, etc. posts are made by Application Team which currently consists of SrokaGaming, SqdPug, and Cuddlecrepper8.


 In order to apply please follow these steps:

  1. Copy the Application format found below,
  2. Start a new thread in the Staff Applications category,
  3. The thread title should be Helper application - [in-game name],
  4. Paste and fill in the Application format with your own responses,
  5. Post a thread and wait for the response from Applications Team!

Before applying!

  • Make sure you are not giving any personal information like real name, passwords, email addresses, birth date, your living address, etc. If we ever need some additional information, we would ask,
  • Make sure you’ve met requirements: you are 14 years old or over, you have at least ELITE rank on the network, you have a working microphone and access to Discord, you talk English fluently, you are not staff on any other server/network. You can find more about the requirements in this thread,
  • Remember that if you ask a staff member to review your application or help to write it, your application will be instantly denied,
  • Note that if your application won’t get reviewed within the 1-2 weeks period you can feel free to copy your old application which wasn’t reviewed and post a new application on forums. It’s that way because we already receive lots of applications and some of them can be missed,
  • You couldn’t have received any punishments for the past 2 months!

Application format

  1. What’s your Minecraft in-game name?:
  2. How old are you: (You must be at least 14 years old in order to apply)
  3. What’s your Discord Tag?: (Example: Name19#1234) (Capital letters sensitive)
  4. What’s your network rank?: (You must be at least ELITE in order to apply)
  5. What’s your timezone?: (Example: EET; GMT+2)
  6. Do you have a working microphone?:
  7. What other languages do you speak fluently other than English?:
  8. What’s your Twitter account?: (Link)  
  9. Any other social media you’d like to share?: (Links)
  10. For how long you’ve been playing Hexilion Network already?:
  11. Have you ever been punished on any other servers if not Hexilion? If so, please add details:
  12. How long are you able to contribute to the duties of Helper?: (How long on every day of the week)
  13. What are your hobbies/activities outside of Minecraft?:
  14. If you would able, what would you improve on our network?:
  15. What is the game/server on Hexilion that you spend most of your time, while you are on the server?:
  16. [SCENARIO] You are asked by a staff member, who is of a higher rank than you, to do something that you think may be in violation of the rules. What do you do?:
  17. [SCENARIO] You discover that your friend is a hacker or they bypassed a rule. What do you do?:
  18. [SCENARIO] You saw that your staff friend is abusing they permissions. What do you do?:
  19. [SCENARIO] Your friend Helper got promoted to a Moderator and started leaking Moderator Guidelines that you shouldn’t see if you are not a Mod. What do you do?:
  20. [SCENARIO] One day you get on the server and join a game server (for example Towny) and suddenly tons of questions are being asked, one person is telling that someone is swearing in voice chat on Discord, other is telling that someone is hacking and need to reach a Moderator, etc. What do you do to provide help to those who need it if you can just about keep up?:
  21. Is there anything else you would like us to know?: