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Frequently Asked Questions

Helper Application Frequently Asked Questions

In this thread, you might find an answer to your question that you have related to Helper Application. Please read through all FAQ before you ask a staff member if you still don’t find an answer.

Helper Application, Guide, Requirements, FAQ, etc. pages are made by Staff Management Team which currently consists of SrokaGaming & SqdPug.

1. Q: How can I apply for Helper?

A: If you would like to apply for the Helper position on Hexilion Network, you you can do it there https://hexilion.net/apply/.

2. Q: What are the requirements to be able to apply and become Helper?

A: You can find out about requirements here https://hexilion.net/appreq/.

3. Q: I applied for Helper, but no one reviewed.

A: If you didn’t receive a response, just wait for it a little longer as it can take up to two weeks for the application to be reviewed as we might be receiving many applications at that time.

4. Q: If I apply and get denied, when can I reapply?

A: Generally, you can reapply after 1 month, but please be sure to put much more effort into your next application and/or make sure you meet all the requirements if you haven’t met previous time.

5. Q: Do I have to be registered on the website in order to apply?

A: Yes, it’s a must thing as in order to submit and afterwards check your own applications you need to be registered and you can find out how to do that there https://hexilion.net/register/.

6. Q: Can I be staff on just one more server/network?

A: No, you cannot as then you would not meet the requirements. Staff must fully commit themselves to the Helper role. We want staffing to be an enjoyable experience for our Helpers and being dedicated to multiple servers often don’t have enough time.

7. Q: Can I still apply, when I don’t have a microphone?

A: Yes, but you wouldn’t be able to start off with Helper position but will become Junior Helper if applications was successful and the training & communication with other staff members via voice that will be impossible and that makes experience harder.

8. Q: Can I write my application in a language other than English?

A: No, we will accept only applications in the English language as it’s the language every staff manager could understand and it’s a language that you must use when doing your duties as a Helper. Every application written in a different language would be automatically denied.

9. Q: How do I know if I was accepted/denied?

A: After your application was reviewed, information about it will be posted by a staff manager under your submission found https://hexilion.net/user/submissions/ as a reply and Discord DM so please regularly check you website and/or Discord account for any new notifications as it might be a respond and ignoring the respond if it was accepted can end up in denial of your applications. And keep in mind that we will deny your application if you have asked the staff about it.

10. Q: I made a mistake on my application. What should I do?

A: Before sending the application always please check what you have written. But before your application have been reviewed you can always reply additional or edited information under your submission found https://hexilion.net/user/submissions/.

11. Q: I applied for Helper again but I never knew I have to wait one month after applying again… What do I do?

A: If it ever happens to you and you find out about that you must wait at least a month before someone reviews your application, please reply to it “Cancel.” immediately! But if it happens that staff reviewed it before you have noticed, then 1 month period of you aren’t able to apply resets.

12. Q: Where can I apply for Moderator?

A: To become a moderator you have to be promoted. First, you have to apply for Helper. If you would be very professional and active as a Helper, staff managers may decide to promote you. It might happen that you become a Junior Helper first so you would have to be promoted to Helper first. This also applies to become an Admin too.

13. Q: I got punished previously. Can I still apply for Helper?

A: You can apply again after 2 months from your punishment expiration time. And if punishment is light like kick or mute you can apply after 1 month from your punishment expiration time. But if you were just warned you can feel free to apply just keep in mind that might lower a chance for your application to be accepted so we recommend waiting a month too.

14. Q: Who decides whether an application gets accepted or denied?

A: One of the staff managers would decide if your application will be accepted or denied depending if it was readable, with rich vocabulary, with no grammar or punctuation mistakes and if the sentences are meaningful.

15. Q: Can I be a staff just on one platform (Forum, Discord, Minecraft server, etc.)?

A: Sadly you cannot. If you want to apply for the Helper position, we require you to be active on the whole network.

16. Q: Do I need to be on Hexilion’s Official Discord Server to apply?

A: Yes, we require you to be on our Discord server as we require our staff to be active on the whole network because some players prefer their questions answered on Discord. Please also keep in mind that you have to have your Minecraft and Discord accounts linked in order to receive your staff rank on our Discord server too.