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Happy Easter!
3 months ago

Happy Easter Hexilians!

We are so excited that the very first Hexilion Easter just came! We are here on the very first Hexilion Forum Post not just to wish you the best Easter ever but also to announce that Hexilion Network is opening sometime in May! We haven't set a concrete date but keep tuned to find it out in the upcoming weeks.

What's happening lately?

Recently Hexilion Team has been working very hard to develop this network and I'm proud to tell that the network is close to done! Hexilion Build Team members have been working on maps for months that will fill up Hexilon Servers visually & aesthetically, Hexilion Development Team been working hard making fun minigames and gamemodes for our community to enjoy and tries their best to make Hexilion easy and simple to navigate on, Hexilion Staff Team been trained to help, give support & lead players through the whole network, and of course Administration Team been managing teams so work would go fluently.

What to expect at launch?

At launch, we will be making a discount on the store to celebrate the Grand Opening of Hexilion Network. Also, there will be 2 gamemodes and 1 minigame that you can play and we will be adding more later and will be more focused on minigames after release.

What to do until release?

Even if Hexilion is not out yet we still have many things open for the community like our official Discord server (, where you can hang out with other Hexilion members, get support from staff, and get to know more players!

How to help Hexilion?

Currently, as the network is still under maintenance staff applications are not open yet which would be one of the ways you could help but we would be motivated if there would be more players interested in Hexilion release so inviting new players would help us a lot to grow this community!

Hope you all will be doing good for the rest Easter! 🐣



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